Soybean Oil

On the basis of soybean oil produce soap and detergents, plastics, dyes, and synthetic oils, which, when released into the soil and water bodies do not cause any harm to the environment. And as part of the cooling agents, this oil is not dangerous even for the ozone layer of the Earth.

This oil contains a lot of lecithins, which improves brain activity, and is also widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Soybean oil is considered a champion among oils due to its chemical composition and extraordinary beneficial properties. The chemical composition of this oil is a unique alloy of useful and essential for the body fatty acids, the list of which includes linoleic, stearic, palmitic, and oleic.

In addition, the product of soybeans is enriched with iron, vitamins E, K, as well as choline and zinc. And the phytosterols contained in it in large quantities, have a beneficial effect on the skin, rejuvenating it.

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DSTU 4534:2006
Colored number
mg to the iodine, no more
Acid number
mg KOH, no more
Peroxide value
½ 0 meq/kg, no more
Moisture and volatile matters
%, no more
Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances in terms of stearooleoletsytyn
%, no more
Temperature of flash of oil
°С, not less
Mass fraction of not fat admixtures
%, no more


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