Pecan Nuts

Unpeeled Shelled Sizes: 10/11mm, 11/12mm, 12/13mm, 13/14mm, B/14 mm, S/14 mm, S/15 mm
Shelled & Blanched Sizes: 12/14mm, 13/14mm, 14/16mm, S/14 mm, S/15 mm, S/16 mm

Type:    Pecan Nut
Cultivation Type:    Common
Processing Type:    Raw
Style:     Dried
Packaging:    25KG
Certification:    HACCP
Grade:    AAA
Use:    Food
Place of Origin:    Ukraine
Brand Name:    Raw Pecan Nuts
Model Number:    UA1010
1.nutrient-rich, high oil content, high fat high/grade nutritional health products
2.Prevent atherosclerosis lower cholesterol
3.Contains a large number of vitamin E

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