Jatropha Oil

Jatropha Oil is produced from the seeds of Jatropha Curcas, a plant that is very toxic to humans and other living things. Therefore, the oil extracted from jatropha seeds is used primarily for bio-fuel when it is not refined.

Our Jatropha oil is professionally extracted from Jatropha seeds, and it is carefully processed to prepare high quality oil which people can used for different applications including bio-fuel.

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Density 0, 92 g/cm3
Ignition point 340 °C
Solidification point 5 Kin
Viscosity 75 to 7 10-6m2/s
Iodine value 13
Saponification value 198
Cetan number 23 / 51
Heating value 39,628 MJ/kg
Flash point 240/110 °C
Carbon residue 0.64
Distillation point 295 °C
Kinematics Viscosity 50.73 cs
Sulphur 0.13 %
Calorific value 9 470 kcal/kg
Pour point 8 °C
Color light yellow to brown
Acid value 1.0 – 38.2
Specific gravity 0.917/ 0.923(0.881)
Solidifying Point 2.0
Refractive Index 1.47
Palmitic acid 4.2
Stearic acid 6.9
Oleic acid 43.1
Linoleic acid 34.3
Other acids 1.4


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